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Breeding conditions

EBF Mi Unique:

Supreme champion, Grand Champion,

Multiple Champion

1st premium NMPRS Champion Minisize 2023

1 breeding available for 2024 !​

EBF Mi Unique is available for limited breedings for AMHA, AMHR and NMPRS mares.


- We don’t travel with our stallion, there is sufficient stabling and grazing available.


- We are selective in accepting mares for Unique, and reserve the right to refuse a mare if we think she is not suitable in combination      with our stallion. We do not accept mares younger than 3 years in the relevant calendar year.


- Mares that are offered for mating must be in good health, must have a valid vaccination certificate and a valid European passport.      The mare must be vaccinated against influenza and tetanus, as well as dewormed.



We offer the following guarantees:


- If the mare does not become in foal or has lost the foetus prematurely, the mare may come back for a new breeding.


- When the foal is stillborn, the mare can also come bac for a new breeding.

   In this case, only if you are in possession of a veterinary certificate stating that the foal never lived and therefore did not die due to        the negligence of the owner(s).


- Re-covering only applies for the year following the first covering. This warranty expires when the mare is sold.


- We will look after your mare (and foal) with the utmost care, however the stay is at your own risk and we do not accept any liability.


- The owner of the mare (and foal) is personally liable for the damage caused by his animal(s).


- We reserve the right to call in a vet in the event of a guest mare (and/or her foal) suddenly becoming ill or having an accident. The associated costs are the responsibility of the owner. The owner will be informed of this as soon as possible.


- The stud fee includes the stay of the mare in the first 3 weeks, after this we will arrange a cost of 3 euro a day.

- Sufficient hay/field will be made available, and concentrate twice a day. If your horse requires specific nutrition, we ask that you provide this yourself.

- We ask for an advance to reserve the cover. In this way the stallion owner as mare owner is sure of the coverage that will take place. The remaining amount must be paid when bringing the mare.


- Any other costs must be paid when the mare is collected.

- In the event of the death of the stallion, the full stud fee (excluding any veterinary costs) will be refunded.


- We ask for a copy of the passport, and for AMHA/AMHR mares a copy of the relevant certificate, for the preparation of the breeding slip(s). This is issued when the stud fee has been paid and the mare leaves the grounds.

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