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GKH Unique Hot Chocolate

Silver bay pinto colt 2024


Canon bone 18 cm


Here he is ....At february 21 we welcomed the very first foal from our stalllion EBF Mi Unique and our mare RHA Captivating Hot Socks. A very small and extreme refined silver bay pinto colt, just the way we like it! He just a copy of his did, Unique. He will stay small, around 30 inches (Canon bone 18 cm)! This will be one stunning show horse for sure!

Sire: EBF Mi Unique       

       Sire: Oak Bay Mi Amigo

       Dam: DT Velvet Dynamic Buckeroo


Dam: RHA Captivating Hot Socks

        Sire: FRH JC's Captivation

        Dam: RHA Private Lady 

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